Documentation & Information


The All Hallows Kabin is aware of its obligation with regard to the storing and sharing of information under the Data Protection Act 1998, and is committed to complying with its regulations and guidance. The Directors and staff are aware of the implications of the Data Protection Act 1998 in so far as it affects their roles and responsibilities with the Club 

The Club is committed to the policy of openness with parents/carers with regard to its policies and procedures and the information that the Club holds on their child. Records and information will be made available to parents/carers on written request unless subject to an exemption. If for any reason a request is going to be refused, then the decision and an explanation will be communicated in writing.


Record Keeping


  • Ordinarily, information kept on a child will include:
  • Birth Name (along with any other name the child is know by)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnic background
  • Religion
  • Languages spoken
  • Home address and telephone number
  • Parents/carers name
  • Parents/carers contact numbers
  • Any other emergency contact names and numbers
  • Family doctors, name, address and telephone number
  • Health visitors name, address and telephone number (if applicable)
  • Details of any special health issues
  • Details of any special dietary requirements, allergies and food and drink preferences
  • Record of immunisation
  • Names of open authorised by parents/carers to collect children
  • Any other information relating to the child deemed by staff or parents/carers to be relevant and significant.



Additionally, and in accordance with our policies and procedures, the following records and information will be stored and maintained by the Club:

  • An up to date record of all staff, students and volunteers who work at the Club, including their name, address, telephone number, CRB checks, references, employment details and any other information’s.
  • The daily attendance registers as set out in the Arrivals and Departures Policy
  • An up to date waiting list with details of all children waiting for a place at the Club
  • Records of the activities planned and implemented by the Club, including any off-site visits and outings
  • Records of any medication held by staff on behalf of children, along with the signed Administration of Medication Form, in the Medication Records Book
  • Records of signed Emergency Medical Treatment Forms, giving parental authorisation for staff to consent to emergency treatment for children
  • An inventory record of all equipment owned or used the Club, including safety checks and repairs carried out
  • A fully completed and up to date Accident Record Book and Incident Record Book


Information and records held on children will be kept in a locked file, access to which will be restricted to the Directors and members of staff.

The Administrator has overall responsibility for the maintenance and updating of children’s records and ensuring that they are accurate. New Child Information forms will be issued once a year to be completed by all parents/carers.

 All required records relating to individual children are maintained and retained for one year after children last attended the club. This rule will be disregarded where regulations and guidance from Ofsted or other statutory agencies overrides it.


Notification of Changes

The Club recognises its responsibilities in keeping children, parents/carers, staff and Ofsted informed of any changes to the running or management of the Club that will directly affect them.

Wherever possible, if changes are to be made affected parties will be given as much warning as possible. In the case of proposed changes that are of considerable scope or importance, the club will facilitate consultation with the affect groups or individuals.

The Club will inform Ofsted at the earliest possible opportunity:

  • Any change in members of staff
  • Any significant change to the premises
  • Any significant change to the operational plan of the Club
  • Any allegation of abuse by a member of staff or volunteer or any abuse which is alleged to have taken place on the premises
  • Any other significant event





The Directors, staff, volunteers and any other individual associated with the running or management of the Club will respect confidentiality by:

Not discussing confidential matters about children with other parents/carers

Not discussing confidential matters about parents/carers with children or other parents/carers

Not discussing confidential information about other staff members

Only passing sensitive information in written or oral form to relevant people


In circumstances where staff have good reason to believe that a child is at risk, or is likely to be at risk, of child abuse or neglect, the Child Protection Policy will override confidentiality on a ‘need to know’ basis.


Staff failing to show due regard for confidentiality will be liable to disciplinary action under the provisions of the Staff Disciplinary Procedures policy.



Reviewed Oct 2018