C.O.S.H.H Policy

To protect people against risk to their health , whether immediate or delayed, from substance

Hazardous to heath arising from a work activity.

Employee responsibilities under C.O.S.H.H

Know what substance are hazardous

Know what the risks are from using thewm in the work place

Know how those riske are controlled.

Know the precautions needed to be taken

Hazard and Risk

A hazard is the protential of a substance to cause you harm.

A risk is the Likelihood that it will harm during use.

Depending on:

How the Hazard is used

How it is controlled

Who is exposed, the amount, and for how long.


All our cleaning products are kept in a locked cupboard with only Adult Access. In House Training is provided.

All C.O.S.H.H substances are the responsibility of the staff member using them.

Reviewed Oct 2018