Care, Learning & Play



The All Hallows Kabin will provide a well planned and organised play environment that offers children rich and stimulating experiences, alongside opportunities to explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves. The programme of activities will recognise and take into account the differing ages, interests, backgrounds and abilities of the Children.


It is the All Hallows Kabin aim to:

  • Give children opportunities to empower activities, play making all children feel included and valued
  • Celebrate diversity within the world around them using role play and equipment
  • Help children appreciate and value others while teaching safety skills to keep themselves and others safe
  • Display the Clubs rules on the wall – these will be explained to all new children while continuing to refer to this as and when needed
  • Showing new parents/carers/children around the establishment and talking through the induction process
  • Making sure new children are involved and encourage other children to be their buddy
  • Provide children with a range of equipment and resources appropriate for disabilities and interests, according to the provisions of the Equipment Policy
  • Children will be offered access to outdoor play every day, subject to weather conditions
  • The programme of activities will be displayed in a place that is accessible to all children and to their parents/carers. A copy of the monthly themes is available for all parents/carers to take away


We offer carefully planned activities to allow children to build n their natural curiosity, advance their thinking, use their imagination and develop positive social relationships. At all times, the Club will recognise a children individuality, effort and achievement. We now have two Kabin Representatives who meet with the Administrator every 8 weeks to input ideas from the children at the kabin.

Our Club is aware that a Childs play has a purpose and can help towards understanding valuable life skills often referred to as SPICE:






Our Club sets the stage and the children write the script


Wherever appropriate, children will be involved in the process of planning activities so that the programme reflects their opinion and so that children feel some ownership over their Club. Such processes will be governed by the procedures set out in the Involving and Consulting Children Policy.


Staffing arrangements will provide opportunities for:

  • Reflection on practice
  • Recognise that working with children is a complex, challenging and demanding task and that often there are no easy answers.
  • That learning is a shared process and that children learn more effectively when, with the support of a knowledgeable and trusted adult, they are actively involved and interested.
  • No child will ever be left unsupervised during activities at the Club


All staff have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked. The staff ratio for children is 1:8 and this is maintained at all times. Staff will display flexible styles of leadership and respond appropriately to children according t their age, understanding and needs. Staff will support, recognise and promote achievements by all children.


Health and Safety in the Club:

  • Regular fire drills will take place making sure new children are involved
  • Regular risk assessments of activities will be written down and assessed on a daily basis
  • Daily risk assessment of the Clubs building and surroundings will be undertaken by staff members
  • Walkie Talkies will be used when different parts of the building are being used by the group. They will also be used when the outdoor space is in use and while on trips.
  • Children will only leave the Clubs premises with authorised adults (refer to Arrival and Departures Policy)
  • Door alarm will be operational so staff can be aware of the entrance and exit of the b building
  • The Club will be aware of safety and hygiene requirements
  • Records of accidents/incidents and medication administration will be kept
  • Children’s information and personal details will be kept and locked away on used on a need to know basis
  • Visitors to the Club will be supervised and asked for ID. And all will be asked to sign the visitor’s book

NEW POLICY: 31 December 2006                        Reviewed : October 2013                       

POLICY REVIEWED: 3 October 2007         Reviewed Oct 2014

POLICY REVIEWED: 28 February 2008     Reviewed Oct 2015

POLICY REVIEWED ; October 2008

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