Arrivals & Departures



It is the responsibility of the Playleader/Administrator to ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in the Club and that any arrival or departures to and from the premises are recorded in the register. The register is to be kept in an accessible location on the premises at all times. This process will be supplemented by regular head counts during the day.



 On arrival at the Kabin, a designated member of staff will immediately record the child’s attendance in the daily register. If the child arrives in the Kabin with a parent/carer, then they are expected to sign the register and record the time of arrival. No children are accepted into the Kabin without the parent/carers signature.



 No adult other than those named in the Admissions Form will be allowed to leave the Club with a child. In the event of someone else arriving without prior knowledge, the Club will telephone the parent/carer immediately. If the child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/carer, (This person must be in secondary school years or over), this must be indicated to a member of staff and recorded at the start of the session.

If the nominated adult or parent/carer is going to be late collecting the child, staff must be informed of this on arrival. If the designated adult is late in picking up the child without prior warning, the provisions of the Uncollected Children Policy will be activated.

 Upon departure, the designated adult will sign the register and the time of departure will also be recorded.



 If a child is unable to attend the session due to illness, parents must inform the Club at the same time as the school. If the child is sent home from school, then the parent/carer must let a member of the Kabin staff know.

 If a child is absent from the Club without prior warning, staff will check to see if they attended school that day – they are not to accept the word of other children. If the whereabouts of the child is not clear, staff will immediately contact the school and the parent/carer.


  • Escorting children between school and the Club


    Where children are escorted between the school premises and Club, the following procedures will be carried out:

    • The Directors will ensure that a thorough risk assessment is carried out and regularly reviewed according to the provisions of the Risk Assessment Policy
    • A clear agreement will be reached between the Club and the school about when responsibility for children’s safety is officially transferred
    • Children in years Reception, year 1 and year 2 will be escorted directly from classrooms to the Club’s premises


    Reviewed Oct 2018