Animals & Pets






The All Hallows Kabin staff may organise for an outside source to bring small animals onto the premises for the children to see. If this occurs, then the following criteria needs to be referred to:

Ensure animals are free of disease and have had appropriate health checks (treated for worms and fleas)

Provide suitable housing and care routines

Prevent animals from fouling any areas used by the children, indoors and outdoors

Supervising children when handling and caring for animals

Encourage children to wash their hands after handling animals and their equipment

Raising children’s sensitivity and awareness of animals and their behaviour

Take into account that some children may have allergies as well as religious beliefs and anxiety

Inform parents beforehand that animals will be brought onto the premises

Cleaning and feeding arrangements

Send a letter to all parents ensuring that their child has no allergies to the animal.

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]New Policy: 7 February 2006


REVIEWED October 2008

Reviewed October 2009

Reviewed October 2010

Reviewed October 2011

Reviewed October 2012

Reviewed : October 2013